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Fabrizio Moro @ Palalottomatica

Fabrizio Moro

28 aprile 2016 – Palalottomatica (Roma)

Caparezza @ Palalottomatica


2 aprile 2015 – Palalottomatica

Fedez @ Palalottomatica (RM)


27 marzo 2015 – Palalottomatica (RM)

Fiorella Mannoia @ PalaLottomatica

Fiorella Mannoia

24 marzo – PalaLottomatica

Avril Lavigne @ PalaLottomatica

Avril Lavigne

10 settembre 2011 – PalaLottomatica “Hello, My name is Jim McGorman and I am Avril Lavigne’s musical director and guitarist/pianist/vocalist. I saw some pics you took of me from the show the other night. Can you please send me them to me untagged? I would love … Read More